OOP -vs- FP

Label OOP FP
State Stateful Stateless/Immutable
Memory Effecient Yes Yes
DRY Inheritance Re-usable Functions
Style Imperative Declarative
Useage On complex data On light resuable data
State SideEffects May happen No


Is the way of placing all the data/state/properties and functions/actions/methods at a sample place. Depends on Objects and Constructors

  • Depends on the Prototypes
  • Returns an Object always

💡 Developer Experience is more in OOP than FP

Functional Programming

Small light reusable functions which accepts a range of parameters and returns a value. Since Functional programming is immutable there is no way it has sideeffects, unless deliberately created.

OOP and FP can compliment each-other


OOP: React.Component is an Object. FP: setState({}) Method is an example for FP.

TIP: Dont try to learn OOP and FP from Underscore.js